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  Rylik is champion again!
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(APR 12) On Saturday evening (April 10) at the MEN Arena, in Manchester,  Agnieszka Rylik of Polish Boxing Promotion fought American Eliza Olson.  The women boxers fought for both the  vacant WIBO Junior Welterweight world title and Rylik's WIBF junior welterweight title. The bout was qualitative and balanced as well. Rylik's jabs were dominating the match but the Olson was better in in close fighting and her uppercuts were very dangerous. At the beginning of the match,  Rylik was dominant,  however in the middle of the fight Olson, succeeded in taking charge. In the end Rylik was able to take on the match again because of her stamina. When the fight ended, both boxers believed to be the winner. On the cards Rylik was the victorious (98-94, 98-94, and 97-94) however in my opinion 97-94 was the most objective.


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