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Weights from Nyiregyhaza!
©Report and Photos by JollyDee
September 24, 2004

A problem occurred about tomorrow’s world championship bout, since the world No.1 bantamweight dr. Bettina Csabi weighed in over the 115lbs/52,183kg limit of the super-flyweight division.

The weigh-in ceremony of Felix-Promotion’s Saturday evening card at Nagykallo was held at the Nyiregyhaza Plaza. A lot of people came to see and cheer their local hero, Viktoria Milo, whose weight was 50,80kg/112lbs, but her opponent, Dr. Bettina Csabi fell over the
super-flyweight limit with 115lbs/52,183kg. Zsuzsanna Toth, the supervisor of WIBF-GBU allowed the Boxing Princess a second attempt, and an hour later, Bettina managed to make weight with 51,2kg/113lbs.

The card hosted by Felix-Promotion and TV2 on Saturday will make history, since the winner of the Milo-Csabi matchup will be the first hungarian boxer to win a world title in two different weight divisions. As known, Milo is the WIBF-GBU world champion is fly-, while Csábi same as in the bantamweight division, and their clash will be in the super-flyweight division. Live broadcast by TV2 will begin at 20:00 CET.


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