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October 1, 2004 in Southport, Queensland District, Australia  - ©Photographs by Renee from Extreme Images, Fight report By Mike “Kryptonite” Altamura:  
Sharon Anyos won by UD10 over Linda Tenberg.
The way women’s boxing can slowly move towards mainstream acceptance is through well-matched, entertaining contests, as the fight on Friday night for the WBF Feather title between Sharon “Wild Thing” Anyos and Texan Linda “Terminator” Tenberg proved. 33-year-old Anyos, fighting in front of her hometown on the Gold Coast, Australia, won a wide decision (100-90, 100-90, 99-91), but the fight was such an enthralling spectacle for 10 rounds that it left this writer perplexed that cable network Fox Sports took so long to give live women’s boxing the green light. 


   Anyos, 7-3 (1), the former WIBA featherweight champ, came out draped in all purple, her boob-tube type top exposing her well-cut midriff. The taller Tenberg, 11-10 (6), was fitted in predominantly black gear, and was a picture of focus at the opening bell. 

Anyos wasted no time feeling out her opponent, charging forward, and trying to force Tenberg backwards. There were a couple of exchanges on the ropes, with Tenberg seeming to benefit better at close range. It was a close round, maybe Anyos shaded it on pure work-rate. Tenberg was marked under the left eye during this round too. 

 The Australian’s pressure attack continued in the second, feinting the jab on the occasion, and coming forward with straight rights. She was able to catch the 5’6” Texan late with a pair of loaded rights, but Tenberg appeared to wear them well.  Tenberg opened the third strong, scoring with a couple of rights from the outside, but as the round progressed, Anyos’ aggression took charge, and she finished the busier to decisively win the round. 

 Like the old warriors of old, the Lamottas, the Basilios, Wild Thing keep charging forward in the fourth, and it paid dividends. She began to work her way on the inside, fire away bombs, and then either block or retreat Tenberg’s counters.  

 Round five had the crowd roaring, courtesy of some quality exchanges on the inside. Another Anyos stanza, as Tenberg’s punchers were starting to get wide.  Anyos started to really dominate in the sixth and seventh, swarming Tenberg, and landing well calculated left-rights, and a sharp left hook

. But Tenberg, although noticeably hurt at times, had no quit, and continued to show her massive heart.  The Australian kept up her phenomenal punch output in the eighth, scoring with some piercing jabs, and quickfire combinations, and it showed on Tenberg’s face – particularly under her left eye. 

Tenberg kept plugging away though, trying to come forward, but Anyos was too smooth, taking the role of the counterpuncher for much of the ninth and scoring with shorter, crisper punchers.  At the start of the tenth these two warriors embraced, and kissed, a sign of their wonderful sportsmanship. Anyos proceeded to counterpunch, and then almost a minute into the round came on the attack and caught Tenberg with a big right. Tenberg hung tough, though it was another clear round for the Australian. 


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