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November 6, 2004 at the Pavilion at Coushatta, in Kinder, Louisiana
Valerie Mahfood, 161.5, stopped Yolanda Swindell, 163 3/4; 37 seconds into the second round by TKO.  The reason for the stoppage was that Yolanda received a dislocated shoulder, in the second round causing the fight to be stopped.  The two got tangled in the ropes, and Yolanda fell awkwardly to the canvas, falling on her arm.  Swindell told WBAN, "Up untill that point,  it was a very exciting and entertaining fight although only one round had been scored,  I was leading 10-9....On all judges cards. I really want to thank Valerie for this opportunity and she has promised that we will do it again...Of this I am sure. Thank you for the opportunity to tell what really happened."  Also,  Mia St. John, 131.5 won a four-round una. decision over Lana Alexander, 137, in a rematch.  Scores: 40-36, 40-36, 40-34. Photos and mpegs  by J & P Photography (Janis Guidry/Patricia Butaud).  Other related galleries:  Gallery #222, Gallery #223, Gallery #224, Gallery #225.


Lana Alexander

Mia St. John

St. John

Yolanda Swindell

Valerie Mahfood

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