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KnockOuts At Coushatta
By "The Big and The Bad"
Valerie Mahfood
January 23, 2005

I would like to start with a personal acknowledgement to Nora Popillion of Coushatta Casino Resorts and Jimbo Stevenson of Bayou Promotions. When J & P Photography, the usual reporters/photographers of the event were unable to attend, Popillion and Stevenson went to great lengths to assure WBAN access to the fights. Thank You.  “KnockOuts at Coushatta VI” lived up to its reputation of hard hitting action and excitement from the initial bell of this six bout card. This evening, the action was dubbed “The Big and the Bad.” It certainly was that. Along with a women’s 10 round IBA Welterweight Championship, the Coushatta hosted five male bouts. Each one was as captivating as the next. Full Story

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Photos by Team Mary Jo Sanders!

Sanders with
Johnny Tapia

 Mary Jo with Nora Popillion
 and Jimbo Stevenson

Sanders with Sumya
(in Red) in her
dressing room






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