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©Copyrighted photo by Durell Wambolt

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Brown Wins easily over George
Photos/mpegs and report by Rick McLean
(also photo gallery by Durell Wambolt)

On Friday,  February 18, 2005, Title Fight Promotions held "Primal Fury I" at The Dock’s in Toronto, Canada. There were four fights on the card this night. There was one female bout, that featured Lisa “Bad News” Brown, 123, who fought Stephaney George, 120. Brown won by knockout over George 1:18 seconds of the second round.

I arrived at the event a couple hours early to check things out; it was a fascinating set up. This was my first live event,  and I definitely encourage anyone who hasn’t gone to an event to attend one, it’s worth it!

As I was walking around,  I overheard Stephaney telling her team that she was really cold. She was visibly shaking and rubbing her arms even with a coat on. However, the room wasn’t that cold which made me wonder if she could have been suffering from the early stages of the flu or was she not accustomed yet to the very cold Canadian weather?

Both Brown and George were the same height, but with a slight weight difference.  Lisa was the much stronger looking fighter.  In addition, Stephaney usually fights at a lower class.  

Lisa and Stephaney’s match was the second of the night and both fighters came out to loud ovations. The first round was relatively close and both fighters landed a couple good combinations,  but Lisa definitely won the round. The difference being Lisa landed harder punches with much more power behind them. Stephaney’s punches seemed to have no “pop” behind them whatsoever.

In round two, it was a different story. Lisa came out much more aggressively landing solid straight lefts and rights that snapped Stephaney’s head back and kept her backing up and on the defensive. Halfway through the round Lisa landed a sharp right hook to the side of George’s head which once again put her on the defensive. A few seconds later Stephanie lowered her guard just enough to allow Brown to land a crushing left uppercut that caught George flush on the chin and snapped her head back violently. She was out cold before she even hit the ground. Stephanie George laid motionless for several minutes while doctors attended to her. Lisa Brown showed visible concern for her opponent and was very classy and respectful woman, my hats off to her!

After several minutes the doctors sat Stephaney up and moved her back to her corner. She was still complaining about being cold and was rubbing her arms and shivering. George was eventually taken away by stretcher. I found out later on that Stephaney George was fine, but still complaining about the having a chill.

With this win Lisa Brown improves to 10-1-2 (3KO), and
George falls to 5-3.

Weigh-in and Fight Photos-Photos by Durell Wambolt

Stephaney George

Behind the Scenes at the weigh-in, and at the fight
 (Photos by Rick McLean


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