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 Boxer Record for Delfine Persoon
 born 1985-01-14

Record: 40-1-0 (16 KOs)
Age: 33
Last Weight: 133.5 lbs
From: Roeselare, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium

 *not all fights listed...two DQ WBC Light; former WIBA Light; former WIBF Light; former EBU Light

 Other web pages:
 WBAN Boxer Bio  |  Web site

 Full fight videos (click date to watch):
 2016-06-04 Delfine Persoon vs Christina Linardatou
 2014-04-20 Delfine Persoon vs Erica Farias
 2012-02-25 Delfine Persoon vs Lucia Morelli

 Other videos:
 Delfine Persoon TKO9 Diana Prazak highlights
 (3 min higliights of WBC Lightweight title fight)
 Interview de Delfine Persoon Championne du Monde WIBF
 (6 min interview )
 Delfine Persoon TKO of Erin McGowan
 (1.5 min highlight with stoppage)


2018-01-20 Moorslede, Belgium Delfine Persoon UD 8 Monica Gentili light
2017-11-11 Zwevezele, Belgium Delfine Persoon 133.5 UD 10 Myriam Dellal 134 light WBC Light
2016-06-04 Roeselare, Belgium Delfine Persoon 133 UD 10 Christina Linardatou 132 light WBC Light
2015-11-11 Zwevezele, Belgium Delfine Persoon 133 UD 10 Maiva Hamadouche 130 light WBC Light
2015-09-26 Gits, Belgium Delfine Persoon 136 UD 8 Jane Kavulani 133 light
2015-04-25 Berne, Switzerland Delfine Persoon 133 TKO 9 Nicole Boss 133 light WBC Light
2015-02-28 Ghent, Belgium Delfine Persoon 132 TKO 8 Florence Muthoni 134 light
2014-11-11 Zwevezele, Belgium Delfine Persoon 133 TKO 9 Diana Prazak 133 light WBC Light
2014-09-27 Gits, Belgium Delfine Persoon 133 UD 8 Judy Waguthii 136 light
2014-04-20 Zwevezele, Belgium Delfine Persoon 133 UD 10 Erica Farias 133 light WBC Light
2013-12-13 Aalst, Belgium Delfine Persoon TKO 10 Lucia Morelli light WIBF Light / WBF Light / WIBA Light
2013-11-11 Zwevezele, Belgium Delfine Persoon 136 TKO 3 Eva Halasi 138 jr welter
2013-10-04 Gent, Belgium Delfine Persoon 134 UD 8 Irma Balijagic-Adler 130 light
2013-08-23 Ostende, Belgium Delfine Persoon 137 TKO 2 Galina Gumliiska 131 jr welter
2013-03-29 Gent, Belgium Delfine Persoon 133 KO 2 Kremena Petkova 132 light
2013-02-23 Roeselare, Belgium Delfine Persoon UD 8 Zarika Njeri light
2013-01-12 St Truiden, Belgium Delfine Persoon UD 10 Anita Torti light WIBF Light
2012-11-01 Izegem, Belgium Delfine Persoon KO 3 Marianna Gulyas light
2012-09-21 Antwerp, Belgium Delfine Persoon 133 TKO 7 Erin McGowan 135 light IBF Light
2012-06-29 Moorslede, Belgium Delfine Persoon 136 TKO 3 Valija Lasmanovica 144 welter
2012-04-27 Gent, Belgium Delfine Persoon 135 UD 8 Loly Munoz 134 light
2012-02-25 Roeselare, Belgium Delfine Persoon 133 TKO 5 Lucia Morelli 132 light WIBF Light
2011-11-01 Izegem, Belgium Delfine Persoon 132 UD 10 Myriam Dellal 133 light EBU Light
2011-09-30 Gent, Belgium Delfine Persoon 137 UD 6 Angel McKenzie 139 jr welter
2011-06-24 Torhout, Belgium Delfine Persoon 132 UD 8 Milena Koleva 136 jr welter
2011-04-01 Gent, Belgium Delfine Persoon UD 6 Floarea Lihet light
2011-03-05 Lichtervelde, Belgium Delfine Persoon 134 UD 10 Nicole Boss 133 light EBU Light
2010-12-25 Izegem, Belgium Delfine Persoon 135 TKO 3 Daniela David 134 jr welter
2010-12-10 Sint Niklaas, Belgium Delfine Persoon KO 2 Mirabela Georghe jr light
2010-11-01 Izegem, Belgium Zelda Tekin 133 TKO 4 Delfine Persoon 131 light
2010-10-09 Middelkerke, Belgium Delfine Persoon 130 DQ 2 Zelda Tekin 132 light
2010-09-11 Brugge, Belgium Delfine Persoon 130 UD 8 Kristine Shergold 132 light
2010-05-24 Deinze, Belgium Delfine Persoon 125 KO 2 Nicky Mutsaert 121 feather
2010-04-30 Brugge, Belgium Delfine Persoon 131 UD 6 Arlene de Freitas 132 jr light
2010-03-06 Gits, Belgium Delfine Persoon 130 UD 8 Julie Robert 130 jr light
2009-12-05 Deinze, Belgium Delfine Persoon 133 UD 6 Arlene de Freitas 137 jr welter
2009-11-21 Ruddervoorde, Belgium Delfine Persoon 130 TKO 2 Mariska Mulder 132 light
2009-10-04 Vlaanderen, Belgium Delfine Persoon 127 UD 6 Renata Szebeledi 121 jr feather
2009-05-23 Gits, Belgium Delfine Persoon 130 KO 2 Jana Matisova 135 light
Listed record: 38-1-0 (16 KOs)

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