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 Boxer Record for Yazmin Rivas
 born 1988-01-17

Record: 39-10-1 (10 KOs)
Age: 30
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Last Weight: 124 lbs
From: Torreon, Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico

 WBC Inter Bantam, former WBC Bantam; former WBC Silver Jr Feather; former IBF Bantam; NABF Fly; former WBA Jr Bantam

 Video/Photo Gallery #551
 Photo Gallery #539

 Full fight videos (click date to watch):
 2017-03-04 Yazmin Rivas vs Nasly Maldonado
 2016-05-14 Yazmin Rivas vs Ana Lozano
 2016-01-30 Catherine Phiri vs Yazmin Rivas
 2015-05-23 Yazmin Rivas vs Simone Da Silva Duarte
 2015-03-14 Yazmin Rivas vs Celina Salazar
 2014-10-25 Yazmin Rivas vs Susie Ramadan
 2014-06-28 Yazmin Rivas vs Alesia Graf
 2014-01-18 Yazmin Rivas vs Calixta SIlgado
 2013-11-02 Yazmin Rivas vs Jessica Gonzalez
 2013-06-29 Yazmin Rivas vs Kimika Miyoshi
 2013-02-02 Yazmin Rivas vs Maria Elena Villalobos
 2012-02-04 Yazmin Rivas vs Soledad Matthysse
 2011-10-15 Yazmin Rivas vs Susie Ramadan
 2010-01-01 Yazmin Rivas vs Magdalena Leija
 2007-07-28 Ina Menzer vs Yazmin Rivas
 2007-04-20 Marcela Acuna vs Yazmin Rivas

 Other videos:
 2013 Female Rounds of the Year
 (sweetboxing's picks)

2017-03-04 Tlalpan, Mexico Yazmin Rivas 124 UD 10 Nazly Maldonado 124 feather
2017-01-14 New York, NY, USA Amanda Serrano 120¾ UD 10 Yazmin Rivas 121½ jr feather WBO Jr Feather / WBC Diamond Jr Feather/ WBAN Jr Feather
2016-08-27 Durango, Mexico Yazmin Rivas 119 SD 10 Jessica Gonzalez 119 jr feather WBC Intl Jr Feather
2016-05-14 Reynosa, Mexico Yazmin Rivas 117½ Tech.DR 3 Ana Lozano 118 bantam WBC Interim Bantam
2016-01-30 Rosarito, Mexico Catherine Phiri Tech.Dec. 7 Yazmin Rivas bantam WBC Bantam
2015-08-29 San Luis Potosi, Mexico Yazmin Rivas UD 10 Kandy Sandoval bantam WBC Bantam
2015-05-23 Los Mochis, Mexico Yazmin Rivas TKO 6 Simone Da Silva Duarte bantam WBC Bantam
2015-03-14 Tijuana, Mexico Yazmin Rivas 118 UD 10 Celina Salazar 118 bantam WBC Bantam
2014-10-25 Gomez Palacio, Mexico Yazmin Rivas UD 10 Susie Ramadan bantam WBC Bantam
2014-06-28 Epazoyucan, Mexico Yazmin Rivas UD 10 Alesia Graf bantam WBC Bantam
2014-01-18 Guadalajara, Mexico Yazmin Rivas UD 10 Calixta Silgado jr feather WBC SIlver Jr Feather
2013-11-02 Queretaro, Mexico Jessica Gonzalez SD 10 Yazmin Rivas bantam WBC Interim Bantam
2013-06-29 Apatzingan, Mexico Yazmin Rivas UD 10 Kimika Miyoshi bantam IBF Bantam
2013-02-02 Queretaro, Mexico Yazmin Rivas 118 SD 10 Maria Elena Villalobos 118 bantam IBF Bantam
2012-11-03 Zamora, Mexico Yazmin Rivas UD 10 Mayerlin Rivas bantam IBF Bantam
2012-06-23 Puebla, Mexico Yazmin Rivas 117¾ UD 10 Nydia Feliciano 116¾ bantam IBF Bantam
2012-02-04 Rio Bravo, Mexico Yazmin Rivas UD 10 Soledad Matthysse bantam IBF Bantam
2011-10-15 Chetumal, Mexico Yazmin Rivas 118 Maj.Dec. 10 Susie Ramadan 116¼ bantam IBF Bantam
2011-07-14 Polanco, Mexico Yazmin Rivas 111½ TKO 10 Gabriela Gonzalez 112 fly NABF Fly
2011-04-09 Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico Yazmin Rivas UD 6 Linda Laura Lecca bantam
2011-04-02 Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico Yazmin Rivas UD 6 Jennifer Santiago bantam
2011-03-26 Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico Yazmin Rivas UD 6 Crystal Hoy bantam
2010-03-27 México City, México Zulina Munoz 116¾ UD 10 Yazmin Rivas 115¾ bantam WBC Youth Bantam
2010-01-01 Durango, México Yazmin Rivas UD 6 Magdalena Leija jr feather
2008-05-17 Aguascalientes, México Jackie Nava 122 UD 10 Yazmin Rivas 122 jr feather WBC Interim Jr Feather
2008-02-29 Gomez Palacio, México Yazmin Rivas UD 10 Lina Ramirez jr feather
2008-01-01 Gomez Palacio, México Yazmin Rivas UD 8 Alicia Reyes feather
2007-07-28 Düsseldorf, Germany Ina Menzer UD 10 Yazmin Rivas feather WIBF Feather
2007-07-07 Altamirano, México Yazmin Rivas 122 TKO 2 Diana Diaz 121 feather
2007-04-20 Mendoza, Argentina Marcela Acuna 121¼ UD 10 Yazmin Rivas 122 jr feather WBA Jr Feather
2007-02-03 Monterrey, México Yazmin Rivas KO 1 Elizabeth Aguillon bantam
2006-11-03 El Paso, TX, USA Yazmin Rivas 122 UD 10 Rocio Vazquez 122 feather
2006-04-01 Guaymas, México Yazmin Rivas 121 W 8 Silvia Zuniga 122 feather
2006-03-01 Gomez Palacio, Mexico Yazmin Rivas UD 8 Silvia Zuniga jr feather
2006-01-01 Mexicali, México Yazmin Rivas SD 8 Lina Ramirez bantam
2005-10-21 Pyongyang, N.Korea Kwang Ok Kim 116¾ UD 10 Yazmin Rivas 116½ bantam WBC Bantam
2005-09-03 Cuidad Obregón, México Yazmin Rivas 118 KO 6 Martha Arevalo 118 bantam
2005-06-24 Mexicali, México Yazmin Rivas 113¾ UD 8 Susana Morales 111¼ jr bantam
2005-06-03 Torreon, México Yazmin Rivas 115¾ TKO 1 Adriana Moreno 119½ jr feather
2005-02-28 Tijuana, México Yazmin Rivas 115 UD 10 Lucia Avalos 113 jr bantam
2004-08-21 Ciudad Obregón, México Yazmin Rivas 118 UD 10 Martha Arevalo 118 bantam
2004-07-16 Querétaro, México Yazmin Rivas UD 6 Martha Arevalo bantam
2004-04-24 Chiapas, México Jackie Nava 118 UD 6 Yazmin Rivas 116¾ bantam
2004-03-12 Gomez Palacio, México Yazmin Rivas TKO 1 Guadalupe Marroquin jr feather
2003-11-28 Gomez Palacio, México Yazmin Rivas SD 6 Lina Ramirez jr feather
2003-01-01 México Yazmin Rivas KO 1 Maria Socorro bantam
2002-08-02 Durango, México Lorena Roque UD 6 Yazmin Rivas feather
2002-05-17 Guadalajara, México Yazmin Rivas W 6 Soraya Paniagua bantam
2001-12-15 México Yazmin Rivas TKO 2 Marisol Dominguez fly
2001-11-09 Guadalajara, México Yazmin Rivas TKO 1 Angeles Mosso fly
Listed record: 39-10-1 (10 KOs)

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