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 Boxer Record for Yuko Kuroki
 born 1991-03-28

Record: 17-4-1 (7 KOs)
Age: 26
Height: 5 ft 0 in
Last Weight: 104.25 lbs
From: Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan

 WBC Straw; WBC Youth Jr Straw

 Other videos:
 Yuko Kuroki vs Norj Guro
 (2 min highlights)

2016-12-18 Fukuoka, Japan Yuko Kuroki 104 UD 10 Mari Ando 105 straw WBC Straw
2016-06-06 Tokyo, Japan Yuko Kuroki 105 KO 8 Norj Guro 104 straw WBC Straw
2015-12-20 Fukuoka, Japan Yuko Kuroki UD 10 Nancy Franco straw
2015-08-16 Fukuoka, Japan Yuko Kuroki 105 TKO 3 Kanittha Ninthim 106 jr fly
2015-05-09 Toyonaka, Japan Yuko Kuroki 104 UD 10 Masae Akitaya 105 straw WBC Straw
2014-11-01 Fukuoka, Japan Yuko Kuroki 105 SD 10 Katia Gutierrez 105 straw WBC Straw
2014-05-17 Osaka, Japan Yuko Kuroki 104 UD 10 Mari Ando 104 straw WBC Straw
2014-03-16 Fukuoka, Japan Yuko Kuroki 102 TKO 3 Aisah Alico 101 jr straw
2013-12-03 Tokyo, Japan Saemi Hanagata 103 DR 8 Yuko Kuroki 104 straw OPBF Straw
2013-06-24 Tokyo, Japan Saemi Hanagata 101 UD 8 Yuko Kuroki 102 jr straw
2013-03-03 Tokyo, Japan Etsuko Tada 105 UD 10 Yuko Kuroki 104 jr straw WBA Straw
2012-11-16 Tokyo, Japan Yuko Kuroki 103 TKO 2 Mika Oda 103 straw
2011-12-25 Fukuoka, Japan Yuko Kuroki 103 UD 10 Amara Naktaku 103 straw
2011-07-08 Fukuoka, Japan Yuko Kuroki 101 TKO 4 Nongkiat Rongrearnkilalorat 100 jr straw WBC Youth Jr Straw
2011-05-08 Fukuoka, Japan Yuko Kuroki 106 TKO 3 So-Young Kim 105 jr fly
2010-12-26 Fukuoka, Japan Yuko Kuroki 106 KO 3 Chen-Qi Liu 106 jr fly
2010-10-17 Kurume, Japan Yuko Kuroki 102 UD 4 Rinks Nakahara 101 jr straw
2010-05-23 Fukuoka, Japan Yuko Kuroki 103 UD 4 Da Lin Liu 103 straw
2009-12-19 Fukuoka, Japan Yuko Kuroki 103 TKO 2 Amy Berezowski 103 straw
2009-06-26 Tokyo, Japan Naoko Shibata 103 Maj.Dec. 4 Yuko Kuroki 103 straw
2009-04-05 Fukuoka, Japan Yuko Kuroki 101 UD 4 Natsume Yokozeki 101 jr straw
2008-12-20 Fukuoka, Japan Kumiko Nishida 101 Maj.Dec. 4 Yuko Kuroki 102 jr straw
Listed record: 17-4-1 (8 KOs)

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