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Last Week's Fight Results

2018-02-17 Colmenar de Oreja, Spain Cristina Garrobo   UD 5 Klaudia Ferenczi   bantam
2018-02-17 Cutral Có, Argentina Debora Dionicius 113¾ UD 10 Terumi Nuki 114¼ jr bantam
IBF Jr Bantam
2018-02-17 El Paso, TX, USA Jennifer Han 125¼ UD 10 Lizbeth Crespo 124¾ feather
IBF Feather
2018-02-17 General Pico, Argentina Marianela Ramirez 118 UD 4 Maria Adam 116 bantam
2018-02-17 General Pico, Argentina Yamila Reynoso 146¾ UD 10 Tamara Nunez 141 welter
Argentina Welter
2018-02-17 Guadalajara, Mexico Arely Mucino 112 Maj.Dec. 10 Monserrat Alarcon 111½ fly
2018-02-17 Ludwigsburg, Germany Nina Meinke 125¼ UD 10 Vissia Trovato 125 feather
WIBF Feather / GBU Interim Feather
2018-02-17 Manchester, U.K. Gabriella Mezei   W 4 Belinda Skinner   jr feather
2018-02-17 Mexico City, Mexico Mariana Juarez 118 UD 10 Gabriela Bouvier 117 bantam
WBC Bantam
2018-02-17 San Francisco de Mostazal, Chile Daniela Asenjo 114½ UD 8 Isis Mascarena 112¼ bantam
2018-02-16 Lami, Fiji Katrina Singh   W 4 Haifa Work   middle
2018-02-16 Rosario, Argentina Melissa Dozo 126½ Maj.DR 4 Lorena Moreyra 125¼ feather
2018-02-15 Montreal, PQ, Canada Jessica Camara 138¼ Maj.Dec. 4 Guadalupe Ortiz 138¼ jr welter
2018-02-15 Montreal, PQ, Canada Marie Eve Dicaire 152¼ Maj.Dec. 10 Marisa Gabriela Nunez 147¼ jr middle
NABF Jr Middle

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